Are you gonna stay up this Sunday for the countdown to new year 2018? Yes you are!!! And we hope you have an epic time! Live it up enjoy 2017 to the last and final minutes. It will not come again and for lots of us it was a great year. But when you wake up on Monday morning or afternoon you may want to consider the meaning of a new beginning, or water and aspirin to calm that throbbing headache. I know that is not all of us but saying goodbye to the year is a reason to celebrate and it is also a reason to look forward to the new year. On Monday morning as the sun shines on a new year and a new day most of us will will be ready to make a resolve to become a new and better version of ourselves. Perhaps you have fitness goals to lose some weight or gain some muscle. Maybe it is to be a better friend, coworker, neighbor, or family member? Whatever it is, we hope you conquer your challenge. That you climb your mountain and defeat your doubts.


Yet; before you try to sculpt a new you in the gym or read up on self-improvement techniques – how about you hear us out and consider our little challenge for this year. They are simple at first; but can lead to incredible positive changes later on. Maybe if it seems too easy, then just take these as an extra hurdle in your race.


  1. The “Lemonade” resolution


The first challenge is for you to consciously decide right now that when life gives you lemons ( the unexpected, the unwanted, of the truly upsetting) you will, whenever possible, make the best of it – you’ll make lemonade from life’s lemons.


That’s not to say that you should blindly accept all the bad with a smile.  Only that you will look for the positive where you can, and salvage what you can.


No money to go to the movies this week (average cost for a family of 4 is a whopping $60)?  You can worry about money and can be mad, or you can make a pan of brownies, pop a few bags of popcorn, turn out the lights, and have a Netflix movie marathon.


Your wife couldn’t get the week off like you did? You can be mad at the world, yell at your wife, rant about her pig of a boss, brood the whole week you’re off while she works…OR you can view it as an opportunity to build the playhouse you keep saying you’ll make for your daughter.

  1. The “Golden Rule” resolution


The second challenge is for you to think before you act or speak. Not about how your actions might make you feel, but about others. Think about how your words or actions impact people and situations around you. Think how you would react if somebody said or did certain things to you.


If you wouldn’t like it, maybe don’t do it.


Conversely, if you wished somebody had done something when you needed it most, but least expected it, maybe you can do that for somebody else.

Two simple little resolutions that can have a big effect. Try them and see what happens. Not only can you positively impact you and your own life, but you can do the same for those around you. These are small gestures that can make or break a situation, a day, a person.


So smile, wave, say hi, say please and thank you. Not just to friends and families, but also to strangers and to workers doing their jobs. Help someone pick up when they drop what they are carrying, instead of heckling them, or acting like they are invisible. Or any of the other little things you have ever wished others had done for you.

Happy New Years from us here at More Bees and we hope you succeed in all your endeavors and challenges.

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