Hot Paws:

7 Tips for Protecting Your Dogs Paws This Summer


We, at More Bees, look forward to seeing all of our customers when we go to the farmer’s markets. We love introducing you to our products, answering your questions, and helping you pick out that special something your yourself or others.  Your ideas and feedback on our wonderful beeswax and honey body products are truly appreciated.

The market is fun to explore, with new things showing up weekly. We know those of you who bring pets look forward to sharing the market experience with your furry family members..

Dogs resting in the shade for a break from walking on hot asphalt.

Which brings us to something important we want to share with all of you. Several days over the next week, we are expecting temperatures in the nineties in the Portland Metropolitan Area. It will be hot and sweaty, and even downright uncomfortable at times. All of the people we see at the market have the benefit of shoes between the soles of their feet, and the hot pavement. Most of the dogs we see out there don’t have that benefit. As the temperature go up, so does the temperature of the pavement. But the pavement temperature is much higher than the air temperature reported on the news, or your weather app.

Please, if you bring your four-legged family member to the market, and they are walking, check the temperature of the pavement periodically. Make sure it will not be hot enough to burn their paws.

Remember, if you think the pavement it too hot for your feet, then it’s too hot for your dog’s feet. Does you dog keep going under tables? Is he dancing or prancing about?  Do you need to pull on the lead to get her going? Maybe you notice an odd gait? Please check the pavement temperature before admonishing your pup. Hot pavement could be causing pain and even injury to your dog’s paw pads. So, if the pavement feels hot, please remember to check the paw pads for sign of injuries.


Ways to protect your dog’s paws in hot heat:

  1. Make sure your dogs paws are in good shape. Inspect them regularly to look for injury, dryness, cracking, and fungal infection. Paws in good shape are less likely to become injured.
  2. Moisturize your dog’s paw pads regularly. Skin that is healthy and well moisturized is less likely to tear or crack. More Bees Solid Lotion will work just as well on your dog’s feet as they do on yours. We recommend the unscented Natural, or lightly scented Lavender Solid Lotions. Both are all natural, and full of beeswax an nourishing oils. Note that paw moisturizers WILL NOT keep your dogs paws from burning.


  1. Walk the dog early or late, not during the highest heat of the day.


  1. Let your dog walk on the grass when possible if it is hot out. The grass will be much cooler than pavement, sand, and even dirt. (But if it’s not too hot, let them walk on the pavement, since this will toughen up their paw pads a bit, so they are less likely to tear or burn as easily.)


  1. Use a dog stroller, dog carrier, or dog backpack. If you know it is too hot for Fido to walk, but you still want to take him with you. Improvise if you need to. The smaller the dog, the easier it is to do.

  1. Put dog boots, dog shoes, or dog socks on your dog’s feet. If Rex is too large for a backpack or stroller, or Fluffy really wants to walk, consider putting shoes, boots, or socks on them. Just like with your feet, these will provide protection from the burning pavement.

  1. If your dog does suffer from a heat related paw injury, call your vet. They can advise you as to how to treat the injury and whether or not the pet should be seen. While they cannot stitch a burned paw back together, they can clean and dress the injuries, provide your furry friend with antibiotics that will keep their paws from getting infected as they heal, and prescribe pain medication so they don’t suffer as much.


For those who didn’t know, their fur babies pad can burn and get hurt pretty badly, we hope this helps you for the future. As for those who may have heard we hope this is a friendly reminder to watch for your dog’s feet. We all love having our furry family out and about with us, but we shouldn’t let them hurt just to be at our side. Have any more helpful tips to give for other people so they too can protect their pup’s feet? Post them below and share the puppy love!




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