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When I think about songs about bees the first song that comes to my mind is Pooh Corner by Kenny Logins. This song reminds me of my children.  I remember when my son was young and everything was new to him just like it is to Whiney the Pooh.  He would try things in different ways than I would and the results were not always that great. Just like when Whiney the Pooh was trying to get the honey out of the honey jar and ended up wearing it on his head.  I loved this song even before I started keeping bees and soon after I started keeping bees I got to enjoy how fun it is to watch the bees. They have a complex social structure and they are docile when they don’t feel threatened. Bees will dance, groom each other, and even ‘kiss; -though it’s not actually, kissing it’s passing nectar between the bees. I will have more videos about bees and there behavior but the first one is a song that should bring back the joy of being a child, the feeling of being part of a community and one that talks about the pleasure of bees.