Pokémon Go! Have You Been Watching?

Is it really a cultural phenomenon? Is it a health hazard? Is it a break through in phone games?
How many people do you see walking down the street flicking their phones in attepmt to catch the new Pokémon they find?
Well, I have thought on these questions and finally decided in devuldge into the trend known as Pokémon Go. I was going to write about some of the negative aspects; like people running in to stuff or getting stuck in a tree, people trespassing, and of course the auto accidents. But before I wrote anything I wanted to check it out, so I would be somewhat knowledgeable. All I have to say is -Wow!- Pokémon Go is pretty awesome. I am sure as I get better it will even be more epic. One of the things I did hear was safety concerns for people playing the game. Lures placed where people can be taken advantage of, robed, being the cause of accidents on the road ways, stumbling into places a person shouldn’t be, or abducted. That’s crazy scary, right?
 Well, you can at least count on being safe with us here at More Bees, we will be having lures at the events like; farmers market, saturday market, and street fairs. So come by enjoy these events, check out our products and catch some Pokémon. 🙂
But remember this -or tell your kids-; you all NEED to stay vigilant while you play Pokémon Go. You can cause serious harm to not only yourself but to others around you. You are not safe while you look at your phone to catch Eevee or getting new supplies for the next battle. You need to listen to your surrounds and look for hazards. It is sad for us to think of young people losing their lives to something as simple as a mobile game; but it is happening. So; remember the basics when crossing roads or going somewhere you are unfamilar with. Also, don’t drive and use your phone. It is already bad enough people text and drive, don’t play a game and drive. You’re life matters; to your family and to us.

Beekeeping Isn’t Just For The Little Guys

Yesterday I was talking to one of our customers about bees; I was telling them about how I started keeping bees because I heard about CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder -This is mentioned in an older post) and knew that we needed to help the local bees be able to survive the new threats that they faced. I knew they would need to either evolve or change their behavior to deal with all the mites, infections, pesticides, and environmental challenges. This friend (customer) told me about a soul mate -a fellow who was also in search of possibilities to help the local bees.  He is a bit more famous than I am but he has a big heart and I have included a link to more information about him. I do want to thank all of you for the information you give me. I want to share information about local events, local places to go, what you think of our products, and -of course- bees. You can always e-mail me at beekeeper@morebees.com The soul mate; that I mentioned earlier, is none other than THE Morgan Freeman. He has converted his 124 acre ranch into a bee sanctuary. This is a great thing -as is anyone that wants to raise bees and focus on the health of the bees. Things like going foundation-less in your hives,  not using treatment for the bees, accepting that it means less honey, but healthier bees that can survive in the local environment. Over time they will be better able to live with the new threats that face them.
For a little humor; since we mentioned the great Morgan Freeman check out this video for a good laugh.
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Hurray For Freedom of Speech (and Song)!

Happy Birthday to you America, another year or liberty and freedom! But –before we get too patriotic- there is a phrase that should have been free to use; not permitted for free use only a few months ago. The song “Happy Birthday To You”, was actually not free to use until just last month. It was still owned and people were expected to pay royalties for its use. Can you believe that? We are taught this song as wee ones, yet were never truly meant to use if freely. Since 1893 this song was copy-righted to the Hill sisters. Since then, the song was not permitted for public use without the fine contribution to Warner. Only private performances were legal, but if a business or company tried to use the lyrics, they had to pay. In 2008 Warner was collecting $5,000 USD a day –a DAY-; incredible right? One little song you learn as a child made that bid of an impact on businesses and companies world-wide. Ruling for the case began in September 2015 and the settlement in February 2016; thus making the song “Happy Birthday To You” is public domain. That means that when you go out on your birthday they no longer will sing some lame birthday song to you; they will be able to sing “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you.” -and not have to pay a royalty.  This is especially satisfying as America celebrates another birthday on July 4th in the best way we know how; by setting of beguiling and gorgeous fireworks. You can feel proud of your country and of our justice system this year after all these years we can finally sing a song we all know and have sung for years (even when we could have been charged a fee just for celebrating someone’s birthday). Justice is slow; but it finally reached the correct decision Happy Birthday To You is an American classic folk song and should belong to everyone.   Enjoy your freedom this coming week; sing your happy birthdays and watch those fireworks. Happy Independence Day to you all, and happy birthday America.186aae59e66d62ee9b71ef1c98e75861

Stay Cool and Active This Summer!

Are you looking for a fun way to spend time outside as well as get a nice work out without roasting in the sun? If so, I think I know the place for you; the Ape Caves of Cougar, Washington! It’s a great way to cool down as well as be active; you –and your family- can scale the caves and explore the caves. But I do suggest for people who have never done this before to be smart and pack some stuff and dress appropriately first. This is a great place for beginner and experienced cave go-ers. Not to mention, the drive over is gorgeous! So, if you are gonna go, let me give you a bit of advice before you hop in your cars and drive over. First, dress in good strong pants that will protect your knees, good hiking boots, and a jacket that won’t make you too warm but keep you from freezing while you are in the caves. Also, standard first aid would be wise to in case of scrapes and or other injuries. Don’t forget water and protein rich food to keep you hydrated and energized! Some people think that just because you are in a cooler environment means you won’t get dehydrated. So, always remember to have plenty of water. For those who are more experienced in climbing should consider some rope and other rock scaling supplies. Other than that, all I can say is stay safe and be smart; don’t wear yourself out as you explore because you want to spare some energy for leaving as you did in entering these amazing lava tubes. So, please, keep everything we said in mind and I hope you all enjoy checking this cool place out.


The Bees Are Busy to a T- as in T-Shirts!

See what I did there? If not; I’ll elaborate, I want to tell you about our newest thing- t-shirts! We all love t-shirts, right? Just like our soaps, lotions and lip balms our t-shirts over-deliver. Just so you all know; I didn’t do the designs, I have no clue who would like seeing my crayon doodles of bees flying all around. We got Ninette to create our design, she has the artistic touch, and it looks awesome. I got to do the hard work of printing them. This was my first time using a screen press- well I can’t take all the credit for how good they all turned out- we had some help form Nick at Bridge city Sessions. He has been making t-shirts for years and has even had some of his designs appear on the covers of some major magazines.  He walked us through the process of producing an elegant but technically complicated design. As he put it “You’re jumping into the deep end with this design”. The good news is it turned out amazing and I know they will be sold out before too long and it may take us a little bit to restock them so I suggest that you check them out soon.

4th of July – Is Nigh!

The fourth of July is approaching and you know what that means! Time to set off fireworks! But what about the ones that go into the air? The cool fireworks, the ones that EVERYONE loves to see at night on Independence Day? Well, you can buy these kind and set them off just over the river in Washington; but you need to know the laws for fireworks use have been changing, so I just wanted to inform everyone about the changes. The first thing is they have split Clark county into two sections north of 219th street  they still let you set off fireworks starting at 9 A.M. on June 28th until 11 P.M. each day until July 4th; when you can set them off from 9 A.M. until midnight.  South of 219th you are only allowed to set fireworks off on the 4th of July from 9 A.M. to midnight. See the map below. The cities then each have their own rules.  In  Vancouver you can set fireworks off form 9 A.M. to midnight on the 4th of July.


But with all that said, enjoy this wonderful day don’t forget what this day means! So stay safe, read the instructions, and use these fireworks safely.

By the way, if you still hunger for some information you can check out the website we found this on:



Keep Calm and Stay Cool This Summer: Keller Fountain Park

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Are you wonder how to stay cool this summer?  Well, you could got to Wings and Waves down in McMinnville… Portland has a lot more to offer everyone and it is FREE!!!  The Portland parks have water features and most of them are oriented to let the public interact with the water for no extra charge. One of these is Keller Fountain Park, I have memories of when I was a kid and I would go to the big city (Portland) in the summer.  Our family would go to Keller Fountain Park, we’d tread in the shallow parts until we braved the stairs. We enjoyed getting soaked and climbing up the stairs of the fountain. Keller Fountain Park was a great way to spend time on a hot day for us, hopefully it can be the same for you all.


Colors in Our Rainbow

We are changing up the rainbow sherbet soap, but have no fear, it’ll still be the scent you love -just with a new look. Here is a picture of the new loaf just after it was poured, you can see the addition of some blue to increase the color contrast. You will also notice that we have punched up the scents as well. It is still all natural and still has lemon, lime, orange, and grapefruit scents. This soap scent is still made with only essential oils. So the next time you are at one our events or at a store that carries our soaps, check out the new look and scent of our rainbow sherbet. unnamed

Check This Out!

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When I think about songs about bees the first song that comes to my mind is Pooh Corner by Kenny Logins. This song reminds me of my children.  I remember when my son was young and everything was new to him just like it is to Whiney the Pooh.  He would try things in different ways than I would and the results were not always that great. Just like when Whiney the Pooh was trying to get the honey out of the honey jar and ended up wearing it on his head.  I loved this song even before I started keeping bees and soon after I started keeping bees I got to enjoy how fun it is to watch the bees. They have a complex social structure and they are docile when they don’t feel threatened. Bees will dance, groom each other, and even ‘kiss; -though it’s not actually, kissing it’s passing nectar between the bees. I will have more videos about bees and there behavior but the first one is a song that should bring back the joy of being a child, the feeling of being part of a community and one that talks about the pleasure of bees.

Have YOU Seen Buzz?

Well, Canada hasn’t.

Recently General Mills has started an event in Canada in order to raise awareness that bee populations are declining. They hope that the white silhouette of Buzz will peek the interest in consumers to look up the website published on the box for a chance to enter a $5,000 wildflower garden make-over. Everyone who enters will be sent a package of seeds and then entered in for a chance to win the gardening grand-prize previously mentioned. This is the way General Mills is aiding in the conservation of bees. Hopefully they will keep in mind that mono-culture is another stress factor for bees and makes it harder for them to live healthy lives.

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