The Weather Outside is Frightful~


So; today is snowing -badly- and it may be a snow day for good part of the Portland Metro. Well most; but, not for us here at More Bees! Well, it is for our friends -the bees- as they are in the hive staying warm and trying to survive for the winter. For me -the Beekeeper- it is a just another work day; near the end of my work day I snapped a couple pictures that I will be sharing on our Instagram with the tag #snowday.  After my 8 hour work day I went to work on this blog and found out our favorite hang out  closed early due to this storm. I understand why they did; I was driving on ice all the way across town and I do not wish to make others have to be out in this. But I was  commitment to write a blog where I talk about local happenings and to put out a weekly issue for everyone that would like to know more about the Portland area. So, I had to go look for some place that was open to write at with the only real requirements being: it has to have free Wifi, power for my computer, and something to drink. As you should know I prefer local kind of unique place that has charm. Well, I ended up at McDonalds.


This is quite different than what I am use to; for starters the hard plastic bench with the vinyl covered hard foam version of a school bus seat back rest -not quite as comfortable as the plush chairs at the more local places. The biggest change is when I went up to order my drink and got to look at the menu with it brightly lit flashing electronic menu. It is a barrage of quickly changing and limited information having video clips and pictures of food that barely resembles what you will actually receive.  After asking for a written menu or something that was not flashing, I was told that they do not have any so you have to struggle with the confusion to find what you want. To me this is somewhat reminiscent to the attempt to put subliminal messages in to movies or in the music in stores. The manager was about 10 feet away and being it was snowing we were some of the only people in the restaurant, so I asked to speak to him. I told him about the annoying flashing sign and he said he would talk to someone in corporate like a VP or something. 

As I sat here writing this there was a slow and steady small groups of people drifting in, some homeless getting warm and I think having there dinner. A couple single parents with children, a guy with his bike, and even a guy who runs the snow plow for the city was getting a snack while on his way in to work and keep the roads open. About half of us are on some device hooked to the internet, other’s with books, or just entertaining their little ones. I have found that even the big guys (corporations) like McDonalds have a place in our local happenings. You can count on them; when everyone else has enough sense to go home and stay in, to be open with someone there to get you a cup of coffee and a burger if you’re hungry.

End 2016 With a Laugh

Here at More Bees; we try not to take the non-Bee World too seriously. We are usually busy pollinating, gathering nectar, building honey combs, feeding our young, or making honey; so we don’t have time to look at the rest of the world. But Fall is here and things have slowed down in our hive. We are getting ready for winter and consolidating into a smaller space so we had time to read some of your news papers and catch back up with the Human World. It has come to our attention that you in the Human World have just elected a new leader and that this could be causing some of you stress; we understand. As time shifts and seasons come and go our Queen shall pass and we are frantic; what will happen to the colony? Do we have to relocate? Will the next queen successfully mate? We also have to be worried about whether or not she gets injured after fighting with the other emerging candidates for becoming the next queen. As we said; we understand the stress of having a new figure head in seat of power. So, to help you out we have put together a little video that should make you laugh and smile. Here is a link; if you like it please share it with your friends and family. Also don’t forget to support us by getting one of our awesome products. You can even show your love going to our events in our calendar and purchasing one of our amazing T-shirts.  



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Contest Results

We have winners for our Halloween costume contest!  We will be positing the pictures on here and on our facebook. We really liked the submissions and have chosen our top three.
 In third place we have a skeleton with amazing makeup.
Seriously, great job. We love the make-up; would have love it more if we saw a bee somewhere too!
Second place is an lovely undead bride with her cute ring bearer guinea pig.
We love the costume and the guinea pig just stole our hearts.
…And our grand prize winner was an amazing bee with one of our wonderful lemongrass solid lotion.
We wanna thank our contestants and let them know we loved all the photos and prizes will be sent out soon.

Costume Contest Important Update!


This is the final week for the Costume Contest!

Some of our audience has requested that we extend the dead line for the contest. This is because some people are not planning on having their whole costume on until October 31st. Others have expressed interest in having friends or family in their picture and they are planning on being together on Halloween night. We have decided to extend the deadline to November 2nd to give people the time to submit their photos.

You still have time to put on your costume take a picture and message it to More Bees with the tag #morebees either on facebook or We hope to see your vision of a creative, family friendly, bee oriented costume. We even accept a supernatural or just surreal vision; there are always bonus points for a steampunk bee keeper. Shock us, amaze us, and win an extra sweet gift this Halloween.

Quick Introduction To 3 of Our Products

We have a new video that shows some of our products. You may notice the incredibly handsome announcer, well even if you don’t agree with that assessment. You will have to agree he is very knowledgeable. Well that guy is me and I am talking about our sugar scrubs, lotions, and soaps. This will be added on our website; just click the link to check it out.


You can also check out the video here!

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1 Natural Way To Fight Acne

This is a question I have gotten many times from lots of our customers; what I would recommend for acne? The first recommendation is to use a gentle all natural soap on your skin; one that cleans and does not irritate. My recommendation is the Clear soap from More Bees. First off; our soap is gentle and is made with a mild formula that cleanses and doesn’t clog your pores. We use infused oils that have plantain, dandylion, chamomile, and burdock; these have anti inflammatory properties. Next, we add four essential oils that help combat bacteria that causes surface blemishes and leave skin looking healthy and feeling clean. If you know someone who could benefit or would like to try out our soap you can click on the link below to check out our products.

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Free Costume Contest, 3 Prizes


Hey everyone, we here at MoreBees are setting up a Costume Contest and prizes will be awarded to our top three!

You can enter by following the submission requirements below.

What are these prizes?

  • 1st place will win a $25.00 Visa gift card and a More Bees sample pack.
  • 2nd place will win a More Bees T-shirt and a More Bees sample pack.
  • Then 3rd place will win a More Bees sample packs.


We will be hosting this contest from 9-25-2016 to 10-30-2016 all entries must be in by 5:00 AM PDT.

Please submit all entries to us via our Contact Us page or message us on Facebook.

Rules and Regulations

  • All costumes must be BEE oriented.
  • All photos must be family friendly; if the content within is not appropriate for young audiences please do not submit it.
  • Photos of your kids and pets are acceptable; all photos must be of members of your immediant household.
  • Photos that display other manufacturer’s beauty products are not acceptable.
  • More Bees establishes the criteria for what shall win the contest.
  • More Bees will decide who the contest winners are.
  • Prizes will be submitted to the person whom submitted the photo.


Submission Requirements

  • Name (First and Last)
  • Address (To receive your prize)
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • T-shirt size (specify Adult S/M/L/XL/XXL)

Please send your submissions in through our or send it to our facebook .

Upon submission the entrants accept re-posting, printing, and other usage of photos by More Bees. Photos will be retained as resources of More Bees for future use . This includes: printed and digital media.

Please add #MoreBees to your submission to show you read the full requirements.

1 Step Forward

I am excited to let you know of something new that we will be putting on our website. We, at More Bees, have been hard at work to bring something new to the table in hopes of educating and bringing you all closer to us. At events, we love to hear about you and how our products have helped you and your families. We finally think it is our turn to let you all look into us and understand what we do on our side of things. Periodically we will be publishing videos about our products and us. Also, don’t forget to check out brand new Youtube channel. I can’t express how excited we all are in this. We are on Youtube now!

We really hope this will give you all a better look into us and help us come closer to you. Please comment or even tell us what you would like us to blog about. Then feel free to check out our Youtube channel and Subscribe to us, like, comment, and share our video with your friends and family.

We hope to see you all soon!

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Three Things You Want to Know About Chip Cards

There is a lot of confusion about the new credit card we will all be receiving. These are the chip cards. To increase security the banks are issuing cards with an integrated circuit embedded in the card. This card will be slid Into a reader, not swiped as we do with the current card. This is great that it will tell the merchant that the card is a genuine credit card. It does not help the merchant knowing if the individual is the authorized user of the card.
In Europe there is another security feature. One that is common to all of us that have debit cards; that is a pin number. A simple code that only the authorized user would know. So why aren’t our banks using this added security feature?
I have heard many possible reasons. #1 It would be hard to implement. Well most banks already have the equipment for pins. Just look they use it on debit cards. #2 customers don’t want to have another pin to learn. Well yes that is true, but when given the choice most people would pick the safety and security the pin adds to their account. #3 The pin really does not add much security to your credit card. That is just not true. If you loose your card or worse yet, your card is stolen. With out the pin the card can only be used over the phone or online. This really reduces the immediate reward for someone stealing your credit card.
So why don’t the banks want to add the pin? I don’t know for sure, but I can make a guest. I think it is because of debit cards. They are out there and the banks have been trying to distinguish the benefits of the credit card. It is easier, it is faster,they are guaranteed. The reality is the banks make more money on a credit card than on a debit card. If people start seeing them as equal, the banks stand to loose a lot of money. I guess it is more than they will loose to theft, or is it? Credit card theft is rising, that is why they have to move to the chip cards. I think soon we will all be using pins on credit card