Our solid beeswax lotions are a real treat. Whether you have dry, cracked, or irritated skin, or just want to keep your skin in top condition, this is the lotion for you. Rich, nourishing oils condition your skin, while beeswax protects it, both working together to give you soft supple skin. Each lotion puck is a full ounce. To apply, simply swipe the puck along the skin or rub it lightly between your hands, then rub lightly to spread. Because there is no water in our bars, a little bit goes a long way.
Over 8 years ago, we learned about the difficulties facing the honeybee. We bought hives the next day, and two weeks later, we had bees in them. We’ve had bees ever since. We quickly began to suspect, as a growing number of beekeepers are beginning to, that current bee management techniques employed by most commercial and many home beekeepers could be contributing to the plight of the honeybees, particularly wild bees. For this reason, we have chosen to keep our bees as holistically and naturally as possible. We have also decided to always have hives, so that our neighborhood will have the benefit of honeybees. In the course of keeping the bees, we began to accumulate beeswax. Not wanting to waste, we looked into things that could be done with beeswax. Our first endeavor was soap. After rave reviews by family and friends alike, and being urged repeatedly to sell our soaps, we did just that. That was over 6 years ago. The rest is history, as they say. We now carry a variety of beeswax/honey body products including these¬†beeswax solid lotion bars.

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